Conquering Cancer

One Kilometre at a Time

Erin Westwood

Raised: --- • Goal: ---

Why am I riding? The reasons are countless, and some very personal.

I'm riding in memory of two great men: my grandfather, Clifford English, and my uncle, Richard English. After fighting hard they both lost their battle with this diseas.

They are dearly missed, and forever in our hearts.

After going through some pretty significant life changes in the past few years, I chose to focus on the countless reasons my life is so incredibly blessed, and quite simply awesome. I am choosing to become healthy in mind, body and soul. I am choosing to savor every wicked morsel of this fantastic life. And my number one reason... my Jack, the center of my world. He's healthy, full of life, energy, curiosity, hilarity and much, much love.

For him and his health I am forever grateful.

For the second year in a row, I am riding simply because I can: an epic bike ride, a challenge beyond anything I've accomplished before. With my helmet, bike, lots of determination, and your support we can all make a difference.

I thank you for helping me reach this financial goal, but more important, to conquer this personal challenge.

"Once you choose hope, anything's possible" -Christopher Reeve